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Transition – Imagery

Exploring Vintage Varna Then and Now

Here we are looking at the Then and Now views of some 
of our most famous sites and buildings of historic Varna
Boys School Varna Art Gallery

The magnificent edifice of the old High school for boys, named after Bulgarian monarch Ferdinand Ist.

Clock Tower Clock Tower

The current clock tower constructed in stone in 1888 follwoing a dreadful fire that engudlfed the city during the Crimean campaign.

Culture and Sports Palace Varna A Culture and Sports Palace

Euxinograde Palace is the former summer royal residence of the Bulgarian monarchs.

Musala Musala B

The legendary architect Dabko Dabkov’s old large hotel designed the “Musala” hotel at the turn of the 20th Century

Theatre Theatre

The Drama Theatre’s aesthetically pleasing structure was constructed in the early decades of the 20th century.

Military Club Military Club

Erected in 1899 and restored in 2016 a fine example of design by Todor Boyadzhiev.

Royal Hotel Royal Hotel

The architect was none other than Dabko Dabkov, and this was one of his most magnificent façade.

Five Corners Five Corners

The building was constructed in the early 20th century by the heirs of the renowned Bulgarian national revolutionary,
public personality, and politician Ivan Drasov (1848-1901).

Headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy Headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy B

Originally designed for the Varna Chamber of Commerce in 1929 by Dabko Dabkov and Stephan Venedict Popov.

Prince Boris Clothing Factory Prince Boris Clothing Factory l B

The establishment of the “Prince Boris” cotton spinning mill in 1898 marked the initiation of the textile industry in the Varna district.

Danail Manov Hotel Danail Manov Hotel

On Varna’s major commercial street, “Prince Boris I” boul., is a lovely ancient mansion tha on“Sevastopol square” by everyone in Varna.

Municipality Building Municipality Building

The Varna Municipality building is a typical example of communist period ‘brutal, modernist’ architecture, built in 1981.

Royal Palace Euxinograd Royal Palace Euxinograd B

Euxinograde Palace is the former summer royal residence of the Bulgarian monarchs.

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