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The VarnaEye Team

A big thank you to all of our project supporters

Are you ready to join our exceptional team and make a significant impact in promoting Varna as a captivating destination for international tourists, steeped in rich historical significance?

Experience the ultimate in entertainment and relaxation! Indulge in the sheer joy and excitement that awaits you, without the slightest hint of exertion.

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Roll of honour
  • Dr. Valeri Yotov                     Archaeological excavations  
  • Prof. D. Sc. Ivan Roussev    Economics University Varna
  • Christian Oblakov                Euxionograde Palace Curator
  • Anastas Angelov                  Ex Dir. Museum Mosaics Devna
  • Iyilia Bekyarov                       Black Sea Enterprises
  • Yordan Nevdev                     Yordans Concierge Service
  • Peter Minchev                      The Brand Place
  • Gabriella Mitteva                 Smart Office Solutions
  • Gergana Dineva                  Consultant Multi Media
  • Jinal & Sima                          Sokoni Foods Europe 
  • Hristiyana Ivanova              Social Media Marketing
  • ⁨Filip Spasov⁩                          Exceutive Chef and influencer
  • Lambrin Sotirov                  Old Varna Museum
  • Svetlin Dzhedzhev             Executive Chef 

                                      Our original development team Mike / Alex / Sean

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