Mapping Varna
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First Bulgarian language school (1860) after the fall of Varna under..
This is a Protestant church with more than 80 years history.
Chapel in Sea Graden
Chapel of Holy Transfiguration
Temple Holy Assumption 'Galata'
Temple St. Prorok Ilia
Chapel St. Marina
Temple St. Tsar Boris
The Orthodox temple St Dimitar is situated in the residential..
The present day Cathedral of Varna was built after the Liberation of..
The Arch of Sea Garden
Monument of the Ukrainian Solders
Close to the main “Independence” square in Varna exists a wonderful..
The Museum for The Newest History of Varna is a part of the Regional..
The House - Museum Georgi Velchev was established in 1991 when it..
The Museum for History of Medicine is the only one of its kind in..
Varna’s Museum of Health is established in 1974 on the model of the..
Permanent exposition of photographs.