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Varna City

Varna’s Private Evening Guided Tours and History Lessons

Varna City a hidden treasure of the Balkans

Join Christian in discovering Varna's charm.

Christian Oblakov was born on the March 15, 1989 in Varna. From 2003 until 2008, he pursued his studies in the “History and Civilization” program at “K. Preslavsky”. During this era, his fascination with the history of his hometown grew significantly. Between 2008 to 2013, he pursued a law degree at Chernorizets Hrabar University of Applied Sciences. 

Simultaneously, he continued to accumulate recollections and information pertaining to the historical background of Varna. Starting in 2008, he started the process of organising and structuring this information and authored and released the book titled “The Aristocrat Architect Dabko Dabkov”. Moving on he proceeded to read the following books: “Architect Stefan Venedikt Popov”, “The Secessionist Engineer and the Rational Architect”, “The Noble Architect”, “Varna of Arch. Dabko Dabkov”, and “The Czech Master of Secession”.  He quotes, “Attempting to understand and recount the history of Varna during a single lifetime is an insufficient amount of time, but this should not deter one from making the effort.”

Christian and his colleagues provide a range of exclusive guided tours of the city and may be observed strolling around the streets on warm evenings, admiring the magnificent architecture.

Varna's rich tapestry of historic memoirs

A potted history of the City of Varna

The initial forward mustering area of Varna...

Dimitar Stanchov (1863-1940), and his lovely Villa in the Sea Gardens...

The Maritime Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1865....

Varna's Historic City

VarnaEye is excited to present its new ‘15 to 20 minute’ Varna Historic City Trails, which provide you an overview of the city’s century-old history.

Together with Christian Oblakov, one of the most reputable professional history guides in Varna, we created “The Historic Trails of Varna.”

While exploring “Varna Ancients Trails of Roman and Byzantium periods,” we’ll also pay particular attention to the city’s 19th-century architecture.

Our Varna Eye History Archive is a treasure trove of Varna History and interesting anicdotes.

Private Evening Guided Tours at 7pm

The cool of the evening is the ideal time to take one of our private excursions beginning at a established position within the city and lasts around two hours, during which your guide informs and presents you with the wonderful history of Varna.

Varna Bulgaria Sea Gardens
Siege of Varna 1828
Our Varna Eye Archive

Varna History

Marie Louise was born in Rome in 1870 as Maria Luisa and was regimental chief of the Varna Eighth Infantry Primorski regiment.

The Grand Piano of Varna and its roll in the beginning of the 20th Century's cultural heritage transformation

Queen Victoria's gift of a sundial to Bulgarian king Ferdinand


Walking Facilities

Tourist Information

Visit Varna the municipailities toruism website full of useful informaton.


Public Toilets

There are only a few public toilets (1 or 2 lev) available locally, but most cafes and restaurants have them.


Cafes & Bars

There are plenty to choose from , try the ones out of the way for really good value.

Drinking Fountains

There are several drinking fountains dotted around, but always take a bottle of water with you.

Travel Light

It's best to travel light and with minimum of cash and credits cards , take only enough for the day and a bottle of water.


Street Safety

When crossing a road make sure you leave plenty of time and watch the traffic. The pavements are uneven so be aware.

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