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An outstanding example of the Bell Lancaster System of educational development in a school setting.

"Yosif h. Stoyanov engineer, public figure, mayor of Varna" by author Hristiyan Oblakov

A Marine Blue & White 19th Century Large Ceramic, Meat Turkey Platter by Samuel Alcock & Co of Cobridge, England.

Marie Louise was born in Rome in 1870 as Maria Luisa and was regimental chief of the Varna Eighth Infantry Primorski regiment.

The Grand Piano of Varna and its roll in the beginning of the 20th Century's cultural heritage transformation

Queen Victoria's gift of a sundial to Bulgarian king Ferdinand

The Roman roads of Varna and their construction

Roman Roads or Bulgaria and Europe as a subway-style diagram

Crimean War, Varna and the Varna Region Author

The operation to board the ships commenced on August 31 at Balchik and Varna.

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