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Varna 4 Museum

A walk between a variety of museums ancient and modern

Route Information

This walk will take you from a Roman bath house through to Modern day revealing a plethora of interesting facts and everyday situations to the downright bizarre.

       Please use both maps options to help to identify the points of Interest 1 to 4.

  1. Roman Thermae is the fourth biggest bath house outside of Rome.  Roman Thermae of Odessos were built in the late 2nd century, probably during the rule of emperor Septimius Severus (193 – 211).
  2. Museum “New History of Varna” (1878-1944) The Museum house built in 1851 is the oldest wholly preserved house in Varna. It was used for many purposes, even as a Turkish prison.
  3. Museum of the History of Medicine With over 4000 old medical books the Museum of the History of Medicine is unique in the Balkans it boasts a vast array of medical instruments from the Thracian, Greek colonization, the Roman Empire and the beginning of the new Bulgarian states after the liberation of Bulgaria.
  4. Maritime museum (Naval Museum) The Museum was opened on May 20, 1923. In 1956 it moved to Diana, a romantic villa which Asaretto, an Italian consul, built in 1890.The 12 halls on two levels trace the history of navigation in the Black Sea and the river Danube

Walk – A total of 20 mins between all four Museums

It not really viable as this is primarily a walking tour between museums and thus best to be on foot from the starting point of the Roman Baths.

There are very few WC’s nearby so the only course of action is a cafe, please make sure you ask or sit for a drink.

Suggest best way here is to hire a taxi from wherever you are in the City and get them to take you to starting point at the Roman Therme .


You can download a printable map of the walk below:

Printable Map (PDF)
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Route Map

Route Overview

13, San Stefano Str.


Very easy


12 to 15 mins

Less than 1km

Off and on road care to be taken

Several along the route

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