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Architect Dabko Dabkov

A walk showing several enchanting buildings designed by the architect

Route Information

Architect Dabko Dabkov. Creator of hundreds of building plans at the beginning of the 20th century in Varna, many of which are today declared architectural monuments.

      Please use both maps options to identify the points of Interest 1 to 4.

  1. Kostadin Genov’s house. At 31 Maria Luisa Blvd., there is a remarkable building designed by arch. Dabko Dabkov in 1911 in the Art Nouveau style. Its main facade attracts the eye with beautiful details – mascarons, pediments, balconies, etc. In the past, it was the home of the wealthy merchant Kostadin Genov, long-term chairman of the Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  2. Dimitar Popov’s house. One of the fine examples of a residential building from the work of arch. Dabkov from 1907, impressive with richly ornamented facades with pediments, semi-columns and towers. The client of the building, Dimitar K. Popov, was a wealthy Varna miller and public figure, who built his own home, not inferior in grandeur to the Military Club next door.
  3. The figure of Architect Dabko Dabkov. At the very beginning of the main pedestrian boulevard in Varna “Knyaz Boris I” we can sit and “get acquainted” with arch. Dabko Dabkov. The figure of the talented architect was opened in 2016 and is a favorite object of photographs among the guests of the city. The figure is located next to two emblematic buildings of the architect’s work, built as the “London” and “Musalla” grand hotels in 1912 and 1927, respectively. The first buildings with elevators in Varna and former main competitors.
  4. Sofia Bank. The beautiful bank building was designed by arch. Dabkov in 1922. At its main facade there is a beautiful sculpture made by sculptor Kiril Shivarov depicting the ancient Roman god Mercury, patron of bankers and merchants. The building is in the process of being restored to its former glory.


Parking is very difficult and congested within the centre, thus we suggest leaving the car on the outskirts and take a bus or taxi into the centre. A taxi is very reasonably priced transportation alternatives for up to four people will automatically remove any uncertainty about where to go and how to get there.

Conveniently, one of the city’s major taxi ranks is directly outside the cathedral.

There are WC’s near the Tourist Information offices and another one opposite The London hotel just around the corner from Dabko Dabkov memorial seat and statue. Please remember they normal charge one or two lev for usage of the facilty.

We advise hiring a taxi when in the city to make it simpler to locate the ideal starting point.

An extremly good site for research on the Architects of  Varna has been beautifully constructed and although very clinical and well ordered in its approach is sadly only in English. To overcome this, please use a ‘Chrome’ browser and the ‘translate’ function and you can achieve a good idea of most of the content. ***** Highly recommended

“A comprehensive interdisciplinary study of the Immovable Cultural Heritage (IMC) of Varna. The most voluminous and detailed digital database regarding objects – Immovable Cultural Properties (IMC) in Bulgaria.”


You can download a printable map of the walk below:

Printable Map (PDF)
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Route Map

Route Overview

31 Maria Luisa Blvd


Very easy


15 to 20 mins

Just under 1km

Pavement route but need to use subway and road crossings


Very limited paid parking

Several cafes along the route

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