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Without hesitation Varna Eye thoroughly recommends this exhibition especially for any car enthusiast.

The Chamber for Trade and Commerce's monumental building is located in the historical heart of Varna.

The torpedo-boat 'Druzki' is an evidence of the first success of the Bulgarian Navy.

Commuter-V a craft now in a stationery position next to the sea wall in the Sea Gardens at Asparuhovo or is it?

The original station had been in existence since October 26th 1866 when line between Varna and Rousse was inaugurated.

The buidling for the Higher Naval School was constructed in 1954. Until then the school was housed in different parts of Varna since it's establishment in 1900.

Galata Lighthouse was established in 1863 to replaced twice due to the previous two lighthouses collapsing into the sea due to land slides and poor construction planning.