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700 English soldiers on thier way to the Crimea, lose their life to a cholera break out in 1854 in Varna

The Archaeological Museum a must for a visit, home of "The Varna Gold Treasure" the oldest worked gold!

The Chamber for Trade and Commerce's monumental building is located in the historical heart of Varna.

This elegant building stands on a corner at the beginning of “Princess Marie Louise” boulevard....

A segment of the Early Byzantine fortification wall of Odessos (4th - 6th c.) near the north eastern corner of the city.

The Ancient Odessos walls Roman and Hellenistic periods

The torpedo-boat 'Druzki' is an evidence of the first success of the Bulgarian Navy.

Monument of those died in the Serb-Bulgarian War

The park has a mausoleum to King Vladislav and is devoted to a battle held in Varna in 1444.

The pantheon was unveiled in 1961 and it's located in the sea garden in Varna.