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The plane tree at Varna, being 'Platanus Orientalis', is located near the Asparuhov Bridge

The Sea Casino - Sea Gardens Varna

The park has a mausoleum to King Vladislav and is devoted to a battle held in Varna in 1444.

The Sea Garden (Bulgarian: Морска градина, Morska gradina) is the Bulgarian port city of Varna`s largest, oldest and best known public park.

Euxionograde Palace is a former residence of Bulgarian monarchs Alexander and Ferdinand, from late 19th century.

The Battle of Varna is the last battle of the Crusade of Varna, and took place on November 10, 1444 .

The Balchik Palace and the resort with the same name are situated in the Bulgarian Black Sea town in Southern Dobruja.

Aladzha Monastery is a medieval Orthodox Christian cave monastery complex in a picturesque locality 3 km away from the resort of Golden Sands.