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Evangelical Methodist Episcopal Church

The tiny structure of Varna's Christian temple of St. Paraskeva

This beautiful architectural monument is of national importance in Bulgaria consecrated in 1886.

Church "St. Athanasius" is the former bishop’s residence in Varna.

The Early Byzantine episcopal cathedral of Odessos

The Church of St. Paraskeva-Petka (known to most Varna residents as simply St. Petka)

The Maritime Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1865. Rumors have it that the reason for its construction was a vow made before God and St. Nicholas – the patron and protector of seamen.

In 1885 the Bulgarian prince Alexander I laid the foundation stone for this Catholic Church.

Just beyond at the junction of the streets Khan Kroum and Clement, is the small 19th century Armenian Church of “St. Sarkis".

Aladzha Monastery is a medieval Orthodox Christian cave monastery complex in a picturesque locality 3 km away from the resort of Golden Sands.