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Google Street View

Varna Eye is delighted to welcome to announce the addition of Google Street View to its mapping systems for Varna.

The Modus Hotel

The Modus, has to be one of the finest hotels in Varna, its deployment of elegance and sophistication leaves nothing to the imagination.


For the first time one of the most prestigious and largest sporting events that is held in Varna, participate in the fight to win the prize.
Taxis in Varna
Park and Lift
Varna Events
Moment in time
Varna during the period 14ht -18th c. - Ottoman Period
Swimming with Dolphins
Stone Forest (Pobiti Kamani, Petrified Forest, Staked Stones)
Situated 18 km West from Varna the Stone Forest is one of the most beautiful..
Archaeological Museum

Alex, Jul 01, '14
Klas Barbecue

Vary impressive!
Anita, Jul 01, '14
Villa Burov

Max, Jul 01, '14

Bistro Modus

Warm and cold meals, salads, main cuisine, sweet course and wide variety of wines.

College of Tourism Varna

The College of Tourism in Varna is an ideal for students who have finished their secondary education and wants to study Tourism Management, Leisure Management or Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Medical Center and Laboratory Nadezhda

Medical Center and Laboratory open every day of the week, foreign patients after a preliminary inquiry may be provided with an interpreter.

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