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Opened on the 11th August 1984, it has developed into one of the prime symbols of Varna’s developing tourism arena in Bulgaria. The Dolphinarium is a favourite spot in the sightseeing program of all tourists visiting the Black Sea.


For the first time one of the most prestigious and largest sporting events that is held in Varna, participate in the fight to win the prize.

Circus Balkanski

Today’s Circus Balkanski troope was first established in 1980 and went on to premier performance in Sofia in 1981.
Park and Lift
Medical Centres
Bulgaria Events
Moment in time
Varna's region in the Middle Ages
Varna during the period 14ht -18th c. - Ottoman Period
The Assumption Cathedral
A religious temple for the citizens, a must-see for the tourists, the..
Azalia Hotel & Spa

the beach is very clean
Natalia, Jul 16, '14

I liked it
Natalia, Jul 16, '14
Copernicus planetarium

it should be mantioned
Natalia, Jul 16, '14

Black Sea Property

Black Sea Property having been in business here in Varna for many years offers a wide range of expert knowledge within the real estate marketplace.

Medical Center and Laboratory Nadezhda

Medical Center and Laboratory open every day of the week, foreign patients after a preliminary inquiry may be provided with an interpreter.

Restaurant Noti

The Noti restaurant situated virtually opposite the Municipality buildings in the centre of Varna is a must to be visited when in Varna.

Local Varna History

VarnaEye is a valuable local history resource, for several years our researchers have been collecting and collating many super snippets of data associated with the City's past.

Gradually these are being added and sewn together with images and drawings to create a complete potted history of the overall district.

This work is a continuous labour of love and work we welcome anyone who may be interested in helping to use the contact form below to send us a note or give us a call.