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The Chamber for Trade and Commerce.

REF NR: 10431

This monumental building is located in the historical heart of Varna. At the beginning of the 20th Century the wealthiest members of Chamber for trade and commerce bought the old citadel building in Varna.

This stone castle was a magnificent site, but in 1908 it was demolished. In 1929 architect Dabko Dabkov along with architect Stephan Venedict Popov started the construction of the new building, which although is an example of the art deco style, contains elements of the neo-baroque style, it also looks a bit like an old castle.

There is a grand staircase in front and a huge dome in the middle of the attic. The project was finished in 1935, but after the Second World War the place was nationalized and it is used as the Headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy.


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