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It was built at № 4 Preslavska Street in 1887, the hotel still..
Commuter-V a craft now in a stationery position next to the sea wall..
It was built in 1890 on Asparoukh Street. Only the facade and the..
Built in 1888 in Varna, also known as Papadopolu`s house.
The Battle of Varna is the last battle of the Crusade of Varna, and..
It was built in Russe Street in Varna, next to the City Clock Tower.
Danail Manov Inn was built at № 53 Knyaz Boris I Blvd. in 1879,..
The museum in Devnya evokes spontaneous interest – the one of..
Today the four-storey New Yorker Store stands on the same site.
The Early Byzantine episcopal cathedral of Odessos
A segment of the Early Byzantine fortification wall of Odessos (4th..
One of the most interesting museums in Varna is the Ethnographic..
Europe hotel was built in 1905 at №3 Russe Str.
Euxinograd Pier Light was established in about 1923. It's situated 5..
This is a Protestant church with more than 80 years history.
It is the only open-air museum of its kind in Bulgaria. It bears the..
The French monuments are two. Located in the area called the..
Galata Lighthouse (the new one) was established in 2001 (station..