Mapping Varna
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The Tsarigrad Hotel was located on Slavekov Square, near the port..
The torpedo-boat 'Druzki' is an evidence of the first success of the..
The Sea Garden (Bulgarian: Морска градина, Morska gradina) is the..
The pantheon was unveiled in 1961 and it's located in the sea garden..
The hole , represents a large open area that is historically built..
This iconic building for Varna was constructed in 1927 by the design..
The Chamber for Trade and Commerce's monumental building is located..
The Arch of Sea Garden
Temple St. Tsar Boris
Temple St. Prorok Ilia
Church "St. Athanasius" is the former bishop’s residence in Varna.
The Orthodox temple St Dimitar is situated in the residential..
Temple Holy Assumption 'Galata'
The Sun Dial
It was erected at No. 5 Tsar Simeon I to be used as a hotel.
Situated 18 km West from Varna the Stone Forest is one of the most..
State Archive
St. Nicholas lighthouse was established in 1903. It has been..