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The museum itself can be found in the Grand Mall varna and is complete with cars, motorbikes, everyday objects and clear explanations in several different languages available throughout. 

Nothing that can replace the actual feeling you receive from standing in front of these superbly restored exhibits, well worth a visit allow an hour plus to take in the whole museum.


The Museum

"Retro Museum" aims to present and preserve the things of everyday life of the working people, the city in the socialist era in Bulgaria. It presents a basic outline of the life of the Bulgarians in the period 1944-1989. "This period which cannot be deleted lightly in our history, as each historical period it has its pros and cons, but the built in it is significant for our entire country, our mission is to keep the memories of that time alive."


retro museum entrance

Main entrance in the Grand Mall


History of the Musuem

The story of the creation of a "Retro Museum" stems back 10 years, it all began  with the purchase of a Russian car with a legendary time brand Zhiguli or known in technical literature as modification VAZ 21013.

The beauty of Togliatti is the main culprit for the museum being where it is today 10 years later. It was the inspiration for the creator and owner of the museum Tsvetan Atanasov and after its purchase followed a period of collecting huge number of exhibits for the exhibition, which today can be seen in all its glamour in the halls of the museum.

There are many purchased and or donated household items, cars and motorcycles entirely of socialist production. Labour and money invested in the project implementation are tremendously but labour is incomprehensible in reality as often described as a "labour of love".

Each car and motorcycle has been restored to perfection, with a workforce of  tirelessly and huge range of restorers, all they have left their mark within.

So, after many years of feverish work and intense preparation the dream of Mr. Tsvetan Atanasov became reality as the "Retro Museum" and opened its doors to visitors on May 1, 2015. Located in the heart of Grand Mall in an area of four acres, becoming one of the main attractions of the city, not only in the opinion of one museum but visitors often say its unmatched worldwide.

Currently the museum has more than 60 vehicles and over 15 motorcycles. The trend and hope of the collection is for it to grow and be fortified by exposure over time to in order to add more motor-vehicles and objects.

"This collection has taken many years and hundreds of thousands of Euros to put together; even today this is only part of what they have" speaking to Alex the manager of the exhibition, he was saying "they have many other projects still only in the beginning stages of restoration".


retro cars and bikes

Vintage Cars and Bikes,

As you wander around the main exhibits such as cars, motorbikes and transport aspects are positioned to the fore, in front of each car, you can find brief information on individual items in four languages, Bulgarian, Russian, English and German. however, in delving in deeper you come quickly upon many ordinary day to day objects of the 50s,60s and 70s Soviet period. many of which if you are over 40 will bring back childhood nostalgic memories.   

Everyday objects

Everyday school classroom object circa 1970's


Opening Hours

"Retro Museum" is open to visitors all year-round:

  • April - December 10am to 10pm
  • January to March 10am 9pm


With the exception of public holidays in which, in accordance with the rules of Grand Mall may be some changes to the opening hours of the sites.

Museum Rules

Certain museum rules apply, you may take pictures within the museum as long as keep the right side of the relative fenced ropes, There is a no smoking policy including that of E cigarettes as well as food and drink are not permitted to be eaten or drunk whilst in the museum. Lastly and fairly obviously no dogs are allowed.


varna eye

Without hesitation Varna Eye  thoroughly recommends this exhibition.